PUT A BANDAID ON IT Podcast: Chronic Illness, Vulnerability, & Connection

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“We were deeply astonished that we were both able to hide our struggles for so long….What serves as the building blocks of the walls of isolation? Why did we do this to ourselves? Why did we hold back from sharing?”

Our friendship demonstrates to everyone how being open and vulnerable can forge unparalleled connection. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

The PUT A BANDAID ON IT podcast was inspired by a spontaneous meeting between two strangers turned lifelong friends as they discovered that behind the scenes they were both deeply struggling with their own chronic illnesses.

In this podcast, Morgan and I strive to impart a sense of belonging and support to those who are struggling with their health and aim to remove the bandages of stigma and overt dismissal stuck onto chronic illness. Understanding is the first step to healing, it’s time to rip off the band-aid and take a look underneath.

In our first episode, Morgan and I investigate the building blocks of isolation and the mental and societal narratives that made us feel like we had to walk the path of chronic illness alone. We discuss the powerful, positive impact that sharing our experiences had on oursense of community and connection. Morgan and I encourage others to share your own truths– physical, emotional, social, mental, etc. You never know what resources you can find through others, or who can find solace in your story.

Morgan and I are hopeful that, through sharing our experiences, we can become a bed of comfort, support, and resources for the chronic illness community and others experiencing similar struggles. We hope you continue to listen in to future episodes where we discuss stress, identity, medical gaslighting, and more!

Visit our website @ https://putabandaidonit.weebly.com, on instagram @ putabandaidonitpod, or email us @ putabandaidonitpod@gmail.com.

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