Speak Up Assertively & Act Responsibly

What is SELF?

The SELF method is a proprietary tool developed through collaborative efforts of community members and Deeds by Kids volunteers.

SELF has been an ongoing project with a goal to publish books. The books will entail stories of kids (mine & my friends) in sticky situations and will include tools and techniques as to how one should manage adversity. The stories collected are associated with diverse categories of bullying such as cyber bullying, name calling, and physical abuse.

Through the SELF project, I realized that the key to bullying having the proper tools to speak up assertively and act responsibly. Learning how to navigate through the tough waters of adversity makes an individual stronger.

We started with a simple mission to help our peers manage bullying. As we realized the complexity of the project, it evolved, needing expertise for various tasks.

The Self Project Process

  • Formed a group of friends interested in the project
  • Developed a plan to collect stories
  • Created flyers & distributed them
  • Built a website with the ‘Share Your Story’ module
  • Sorted & categorized the stories
  • Decided on character names & identities
  • Rewrote & edited the stories several times
  • Interviewed & hired a qualified illustrator
  • Created a book layout

Story Categories

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Personal belonging violations
  • Overpowering adults & authorities
  • Social media & cyberbullying
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