Biden Scored. Democracy Restored?

 In Compassion, Promoting Tolerance

Yes, we can celebrate; yes, we can exhale sighs of relief. The outcome of this year’s historic election is desired by most people I know, myself included. We have won a tough race, with our last stride at the finish line signaling triumph—a moment of liberation, a step towards restoration. However, while we’ve seen unity surface among lines of the Democratic Party, the continued antagonistic attitudes towards the other side cannot and will never be justified. You can say that “they deserve it” or “they did it to us,” but do we really want this childish back and forth to remain the face of our government? I don’t think so. 

In order for the next four years to be successful, we must reunite together as Americans, not as just “Democrats.” We cannot disrespect those who disagree with us, nor can we dismiss what they believe. This country was founded on openness and solidity in our values, where ideas can butt-heads and the best rise to the top. We are strong enough to take two opposing views and fuse them together despite our disagreements. Remember, it is the principles ingrained in us as Americans that preside, not merely the president. It’s not the party that wins, like a sports team that we cheer for, and boo the losers. So moving forward, please don’t brag, boast, or shove it in anyone’s face that “Trump’s a loser.”  If you really feel the need to do so, go for it, but just know that you’re only cutting deeper into the wounds of our nation.  The fact that Trump lost is far from the point. The point is that we’re happy to revive the word “united” into what is our “United States” of America.  So please, be mature about it and embrace all so we can heal together. We can do this. 

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