A Message from the Author of MY MOTHER’S MIRROR

 In My Book

Childhood dreams are often long-forgotten due to their elusive nature. “I want to be an olympian,” “I want to be president,” ” I want to travel to every country in the world,” or, “I want to write a book one day.” All these aspirations– they keep our young minds active: fresh, energized, and eager. Yep, that child who sought all these dreams is me. Maybe the other three are really unattainable, but considering the fourth, perhaps not. Becoming a published author ignites some strange sensation, one so special then when I hold the weight of 500 or so pages that I’ve written, I feel as full as the front cover is to the back. It’s not so much a personal fulfillment from just completing an extensive work as it is one for those who engage with what’s written on those pages. I hope each person can find themselves in one of the roles embodied by me, my mother, or my grandmother in some stage of life (I’m sure you can.) I hope that by identifying with our many challenges, and knowing that more obstacles are imminent on our roads ahead, you can employ the many tools included in each story. Helping others through similar obstacles and equipping them with skills to confront them responsibly, respectfully, and assertively will give me the fulfillment I seek.

I thank everyone, especially my parents, most notably my mother, for supporting me through this project. It is here I can say more truly than anytime before, “I couldn’t have done it without you; “more than half the book is her story, after all. I am also indebted to my grandmother, my mom’s siblings, and my friends for sharing their experiences with me. Thank you to all those friends who embraced the nomad-writer that I am to join me at my coffee shops or let me use their homes as my work space. (If you know me, I can write anywhere but at home– I know, I’m weird). And last but not least, the deepest thanks go to my Saba, my grandfather, my mother’s father. Although he has passed away, my Saba established the foundation for my mother’s bloodline: A generation that persists with his ethics, qualities, and yes, some craziness, will forever remain. May this book be dedicated to him in passing, and now, to everyone seeking purpose, resilience, and self-discovery in their lives. Just know that you, and only you, have the power to find inner strength and confidence. It’s never too late.

I want to keep this short without giving anything away so you can enjoy the book as it is, but I just wanted to give this short message.

For more information about My Mother’s Mirror, see my website page for.a summary and my inspiration. My book is available on amazon, linked here. If you are interested in connecting with me for further guidance or speaking engagements, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


With all the love and gratitude in the world,


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