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Being active in my community with compassion and character development have been instilled in me since I was little. Through these projects, I developed my passion for human rights through my heritage and roots, various missions, and a diverse exposure to cultures.
Through this blog, my mission is to inform and motivate my community about local and global news and write about my life experiences in order to spread a culture of tolerance, respect, and compassion.

Hello, I’m Sabrina

I am a sophomore undergraduate in George Washington University’s University Honors Program, pursuing a joint major in Philosophy & Public Affairs, with a minor in Journalism & Mass Communications. Although born and raised in San Diego, California, my roots include southern Russia, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, and France. I’m fascinated by the global cross-cultural interplay, especially as related to human rights, social systems, and education shaping the future. 

 I aim to channel my passions through contributing to communities at large. At school, I serve as an e-board member of the Jewish organization, Chabad GW and am also an ops writer for the GW Hatchet. Outside of school I am working to publish my paired mother-daughter book, a women’s empowerment narrative that bridges generations through true stories and value-based lessons (publishing soon!). I have also written for ICIARA technologies, and co-authored the USC EDGECenter award-receiving project, SELF-EX: A Guide to Manage Adversity Responsibly

The Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world for the collective good, inspires my character, work, daily life, and aspirations. Naturally curious and intrigued by the world around me, I relish in merging philosophical thought while becoming an agent of critical thinking and personal transformation. I staunchly believe in the harmony between value-based tools and academic freedom to shift societal paradigms to fuel collective goals.


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