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Being active in my community with compassion and character development have been instilled in me since I was little. Through these projects, I developed my passion for human rights through my heritage and roots, various missions, and a diverse exposure to cultures.
Through this blog, my mission is to inform and motivate my community about local and global news and write about my life experiences in order to spread a culture of tolerance, respect, and compassion.

Hello, I’m Sabrina

I’m 17 years old and I will be attending the George Washington University in D.C. this coming January. While born in San Diego, California, my parents’ background includes Israel, Mexico, and Dagestan in southern Russia. I’m fascinated by my roots and love to learn about my family and their origins.

I’m naturally curious and intrigued by the world around me. While I take great interest in many subjects, I’m most captivated by History and the lessons it conveys. The study of history enables me to draw parallels to the present state of world affairs.

I’m an avid reader who enjoys reflection, critical analysis, discussion, and, of course, writing. I bring awareness to matters involving human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. In making my small contribution to society, I aim to promote tolerance, respect and compassion through dialogue and education.

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